Teaching Reviews

Student Feedback from Courses Taught

2020 - Rethinking Environmental Justice Movements, Stanford University

"This course has reformed the way I think about the environment, my impact within it, and the potential avenues for actionable change."

"Take it [this class] -- it is a great experience and unlike any other class I've taken at Stanford"

"A hugely important course that opened my eyes to prevalent issues I hadn't before known existed. One of the few classes at Stanford that has changed the way I think about the world, and as a Product Design major, the way I approach design."

"This is the best class I've ever taken! The instructors are all amazing - wise and encouraging and inclusive - and I learned so much from my peers and from the community partner project. Anyone planning to do environmental work in the future should be required to take an EJ class, and honestly everyone should!"

"Take it if you like seminar-style learning and outside reading, but I would not recommend if you prefer lecture style teaching."

"Favorite class I've taken at Stanford. Engaging, so much fun to work with community partners, and wonderful teaching team."

2018 - Introduction to Psychology, Stanford University

"Juan Miguel was incredible. The lectures were efficient and engaging, and moved at (for me) the ideal pace. His genuine passion for topics was evident, and it made me even more interested in what we were learning. I don't have any real suggestions — I think the lectures were on the fast-side for some, but for me they were perfect."

"Always willing to help. [Juan Miguel] was consistently helpful when I needed him, he also believed in me. Only person a part of [the Psych Department] staff that told me that. Had big impact on my performance."

"...incredibly prepared for each section, and offered fantastic guidance to address various assignments."

"Always very prepared and made an active effort to get to know us personally. Warm, helpful, and extremely thoughtful. It was a great experience to have during my first quarter of college."

"Very engaging and super prepared for each class. Definitely cared a ton about us and also inspired me to learn."

"Accessible, fun, good pacing, able to understand content and why."

Teaching/Mentoring Honors Awarded