Research Collaborators

Note: Students interested in summer research opportunities are encouraged to email me for more information!

Current Collaborators

Howard Drossman is a Professor of Environmental Education and current acting Chair of the CC Education Department, as well as the Program Director for CC's TREE (Teaching and Research in Environmental Education) Program.

Past Collaborators & Affiliations

Dr. Diego Román is an Assistant Professor in Bilingual/Bicultural Education at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to this appointment, he was an Assistant Professor in Bilingual Education at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Quentin Sedlacek serves as an Assistant Professor of STEM Education at the Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University. His research and teaching seek to address science education injustices by examining teachers' sensemaking: how educators in science and other disciplines make sense of information about students and about pedagogical practices; how this sensemaking is shaped by ideologies of language, race, and nation; and how teacher education can help science teachers to learn and implement pedagogies that support students' pursuit of personal and collective empowerment.

Greses Pérez is an engineer, learning scientist and educator. She received her Ph.D. in Science Education with a focus on Learning Sciences and Technology Design from Stanford University. Her scholarship specializes in the interdisciplinary study of language and cognition for students who experience a cultural and linguistic mismatch between the practices of their communities and those in engineering and science.

Melanie Leung

Melanie Leung is a journalist-turned-researcher working for equitable opportunities and outcomes in education. She is currently working as a Research and Policy Associate at Learning Policy Institute. Melanie holds an M.A. in International Education Policy Analysis from Stanford University.

Stanford Social Ecology Lab

Dr. Nicole Ardoin, PI

Dr. Nicole Ardoin and the Social Ecology Lab at Stanford University focus on environmental behavior as influenced by environmental learning and motivated by place-based connections. Professor Ardoin’s work primarily occurs in informal and community-based settings, including parks and protected areas, nature-based tourism programs, farmers markets, and other everyday-life settings.